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how do I fix my rover 25?

My rover 25 1.6 si jerks and sometimes backfires when I am driving along even on a flat road. Could it be ele... [Read more]
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Non starter after a run - Citreon C3?

My Citreon C3 is both automatic/manual by paddles and is petrol. After a 25 mile run if I stop and start the e... [Read more]
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Ford Fiesta 1.25, 2001 engine wont start when hot?

I have a 2001 ford fiesta 1.25 engine, it has only done 3000 miles and until the last 10 months was sat in a g... [Read more]
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1998 ford fiesta zetec ?

please help iv a petrol 1.25 fiesta was driving fine this morning stoped at the shop for 5 minits and it wont ... [Read more]
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What mileage should I get from 2006 Petrol Ford Focus?

I have a 2006 Petrol Ford Focus Zetec Climate 1.6 Auto. It seems to burn through petrol. I get approx 25 miles... [Read more]
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rover 25 wont start after running out of petrol?

hi,rover 25 2004 reg ran out of petrol,refueled now wont start can anyone help ,
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How to fix drive sprocket wheel?

Replace drive sprocket wheel on Aldi Gardenline 37cc Two-stroke Petrol Chainsaw part number 25 in manual
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Astra 1.8 keeps cutting out - any ideas?

My 2008 astra 1.8 auto with 25 k miles keeps cutting out, surges, feels lumpy but starts first time afterwards... [Read more]
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Rover 25 fuel problem?

I have a Rover 25 1.4 petrol. The fuel pump is running but no fuel coming out of pipe. Have changed pump and p... [Read more]
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