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Ldv maxus v80?

Hi we have a ldv maxus v80 and after hitting a huge pothole the van fuel gage went to empty and van won't star... [Read more]
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Ldv convoy 400 fault imm?

i have ldv convoy 400 imobiliser fault and can get cmputer bto read ecu tried another ecu same thing 2.5 turbo... [Read more]
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2009 ldv maxus Glow plug relay location?

2009 ldv maxus Glow plug relay location
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Ignition light LDV Maxus?

I have a 58 plate LDV Maxus minibus (covered to a camper van) and the ignition light doesn't go out after star... [Read more]
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Fob not locking or unlocking doors?

We have LDV Maxus and fob will not lock or unlock doors. Changed the battery but nothing! Fob lights up. Reg.n... [Read more]
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Ldv maxus 2006 2.5 diesel?

Hi where is the crankshaft sensor on a ldv maxus 2006 2.5 diesel can't seem to find it
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Sliding door not opening as driving.also too hard to close?

Sliding door on ldv convoy hard to shut closed and when driving opens even when locked
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ignition switch?

i lost my keys to my ldv maxus 2009 lwb i have now fitted a replacement lock all lights come on but the starte... [Read more]
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LPG fuel supply problem?

I know this is an old thread but just hoping Fred or anyone can help. I have the same van - LDV Convoy on a... [Read more]
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glow plug relay switch ?

where is glow plug relay switch on ldv maxus 2009 would appreciate some help
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Gear box cables?

Are all gear box cables the same on ldv maxus vans?
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LDV Maxus Fog lights not working?

I have an LDV Maxus 2008 Minibus. The fog lights are not working. I read online that a common problem is the r... [Read more]
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My ldv truck 1997 convoy?

Hi when I put key into barrel and try and start my truck it won't turn over its dead battery is probably 2 hea... [Read more]
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ldv spanner light?

my spanner light came on and I'm not sure what that means
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no accelerator pedal?

1997 LDV CONVOY 2.5 DIESEL van starts fine, but the accelerator pedal won't rev up or drive, anyone had the sa... [Read more]
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how long does it take to renew king-pin on one side on a LDV Convoy
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Ldv maxus 2009 ?

Fitted new slave cylinder and tried bleeding it but only got small amount of air and fluid out still no improv... [Read more]
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Fit glow plugs?

How to install new glow plugs on ldv maxis van 2005 year
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re; ecd light?

My LDV Maxus 56 plate EDC light is on but starts and runs on tick over . when you set off the light starts fla... [Read more]

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