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Vauxhall Vectra 02?

CCR 2006 when press CD button just reads 'magazine'any easy fix solutions Vauxhall Vectra 02
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how do I replace vauxhall vectra dipped headlight bulb?

how do I replace nearside vauxhall vectra 1.8 LS 03 dipped headlight bulb?
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Vauxhall Vectra gear knob keeps-------?

My Vauxhall Vectra 08/09 model Gear Knob keeps springing off. How can I fix this?
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replace oil switch in front of sump vectra 3.2 v6?

how to replace switch on front of sump of vectra 3,2 v6 2005 model
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Wiper problems?

My 2008 Vectra wipers are only working on full speed. Tried a new relay but still the same.
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My heater in my Vauxhall vectra c has stopped working again?

Replaced the heater fan resistor in my Vauxhall vectra c worked fine for four days then packed up again but th... [Read more]
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Cectra C. dials not working after removing them?

Did a led conversion on Vectra c everything ok, but when I did the clocks and replaced them the dials didn't w... [Read more]
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vectra engine management light?

just bought a Vectra o7 petrol 1.8,noticed 2 of front light missing one either side ,replaced them today and n... [Read more]
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Footwell full of water?

Is there any way you can drain the rear footwell on a Vauxhall Vectra without taking up the carpets. I have st... [Read more]
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Vauxhall vectra 1.8 sl 2003?

electric front window switches not working properly window sometimes goes down but won't go up if I tap door i... [Read more]
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54 plate vectra in limp mode. Diagnosis is showing open circuit. Ecu on the?

Do the ecu on top of the y20dth vauxhall vectra fuel pump ever break down.
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fan speed switch?

does the fan speed switch just pull off on my vectra c because when i turn it on it just goes round.
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Blaupunk cd 30 car radio serial number ?

Hello guys! I've bought an opel vectra, and I would need a serial code for my blaupunkt radio. Serial and... [Read more]

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