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Blade retaining bolt?

Looking for blade bolt to fit JCB CS1400L circular saw. Have tried JCB, not very helpful. Thanks
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jcb m25 petrol strimmer spark plug gap?

My strimmer is prooving difficult to start. There is fuel getting to the engine so Im thinking it might be the... [Read more]
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m25 strimmer little or no spark very difficult to start?

as above I have cleaned and set gap to 25 thou can someone help me to sort this problem out please it is a jc... [Read more]
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jcb m25 strimmer?

jcb m25 petrol grass strimmer spark plug gap setting. and % of the 2 stroke mixture please, james.
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jcb-pw6 pressure washer?

The water outlet pipe is leaking water should there be a washer?? It is metal to metal.
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Where is the spring situated on the m25 jcb strummer head?

Where does the spring go on the jcb m25 strimmer head assembly
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jcb 520 -2 loadall?

How do I fix load indicator on a 520-2 jcb loadall ,the light flash all the time and buzzer stays on ,how do I... [Read more]
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Jcb strimmer pull cord renewal?

How do I get to the pull start mechanism to remove the yellow plastic cowelling where the clutch is,can't get ... [Read more]
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my jcb cordless 20v combi drill is broken how can i fix it?

I have a fully charged battery working perfectly but I put it in to the drill and pull the trigger it turns fo... [Read more]
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jcb 3 cx back hoe?

jcb 3 cx back hoe? Hi i have a old JCB 3CX 1985 and i have a problem with the back hoe sitting in the cab... [Read more]

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