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how can i fix my 1995 cadillac concours?

my car cuts in and out and back fires sometimes feels like it doesn't want to go then sometimes it will go jus... [Read more]
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location of horn?

location of horn in 1990 cadillac deville
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what is "lighting fault" in 1987 allante cadillac?

how do i fix a "lighting fault" in 1987 allante cadillac? why do the lights keep going out while i drive?
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2006 Cadillac DTS?

Lever in console is stuck in park. Any easy way to get out of park?
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1957 cadillac coupe?

My heater comes on but doesn't heat up. What can I do?
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Need help with OBD codes and where to start?

I have a 93 cadillac deville the OBD says the following code errors: E26 - Shorted Throttle Signal Switch E3... [Read more]
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'89 Cadillac sedan deville looking for some input?

Alright, when driving engine sometime stalls..when driving engine stalls when you turn air on..turn it off its... [Read more]
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why is my cadillac converter getting red hot?

why is my cadillac converter getting red hot
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why do the 1988 Cadillac Seville dash lights flicker while driving at night?

why do the 1988 Cadillac Seville dash lights flicker while driving at night
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how can I turn on my dvd player?

hello, I have a 2006 cadillac srx and the dvd player will not turn on. I tried turning on the ignition and the... [Read more]
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how can I fix automatic trunk latch?

the trunk latch broke on my 1986 eldorado cadillac. I have the spring and plastic piece. It is automatic and w... [Read more]
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fix my 95 cadillac eldorado?

i turn the key on and the display reads ignition disabled due to theft system. is there a way to reset this? h... [Read more]
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climate control in my 1972 Cadillac Coupe DeVille not working properly?

Any help with this would be great. I recently bought a 1972 Cadillac Coupe DeVille and my climate control sys... [Read more]
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1990 cadillac deville?

whats causing the transmission to slip
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any solutions other than head gasket r&r?

stop leak?.... or som other methed dont have $ to fix it right(95 cadillac) ?
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