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How do I fix my electrolux 3 way fridge model 4271?

Works fine until try to use 240v. Light comes on but when we try to set temperature it trips the switch. Any i... [Read more]
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How to stop Electrolux Dishlex DX302WJ*05 Lights Flashing?

My Electrolux Dishlex DX302WJ*05 has been playing up and I need help. The lights for the program settings and ... [Read more]
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No power to my electrolux epic 6500sr?

When I plug in the vac the power light does not come on. If I hook the power nozzle to the hose and turn on t... [Read more]
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Eletrolux washing m/c E50 code after replacing drive belt?

I have an Atrthur Martin (Electrolux) AWF1435 wahing machine (prod code 914517223). I suspected that the drive... [Read more]
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Gas cooker?

How do I remove the side panel from Electrolux Cooker EKG603202W cooker so I can gain access to replace the gr... [Read more]
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fuse blows when door opens?

Main fuse trips when open the oven door evin if oven is off. It is the Electrolux-IKEA Framtid OV10
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Suction motor not working on Electrolux discovery?

If the suction motor isn’t working on my Electrolux discovery upright vacuum is it the motor or the switch ?... [Read more]
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one of 2 lights on RHS of freezer door: LHO should glow Green but is Orange?

Electrolux Frig/Freezer. Mod: ER 3203B; Prod:9246613-30;Ser No: 504028704 2 lights on top RHS of freezer door... [Read more]
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Electrolux EOB53000 oven not working?

Hi, My electrolux EOB53000 oven has stopped working. The fan and grill are working fine, but the oven is not ... [Read more]
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electrolux premier oven - won't heat.?

Oven light comes on, but temperature light doesn't when dial turned and oven refuses to heat. Internal oven bu... [Read more]

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