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Replace camshaft sensor chevrolet matiz?

Need to replace camshaft sensor on Chevrolet matiz 58 plate advise
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Abs light matiz?

How can I get the abs light off my 2010 Chevrolet matiz no problems with brakes etc
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Sigma immobiliser preventing engine start, how can I fix it?

We had a Sigma immobiliser installed on a Chevrolet StarCraft Day Van probably close to 10 years ago (unsure o... [Read more]
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The key on my Chevrolet won't work?

The key on my Isuzu Chevrolet was working prefect but now it will open the door but won't turn the ignition or... [Read more]
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where is the ecu on my chevrolet matiz?

Please can someone tell me where i can find the ecu on my matiz?
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Crack on bulkhead what would be the best way to mend weld or pop rivet pls ?

I had the cluth replaced on my chevrolet matiz which os a 57 plate with only 50,000 miles i have been told tha... [Read more]
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chevrolet matiz ?

battery light and handbrake light flickering on at idle, alternator not charging,
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How to fix alarm?

My alarm system seems to have stopped the light is on permanently and the doors do not lock when the engine st... [Read more]
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astra immobilizer unlock 2002?

2002 chevrolet astra immobilizer has been activated and is not as you unlock, the key will not turn anywhere
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how can i knowcode my cassete player in chevrolet spark 2008?

how can i now codeof my cassette player in my car mark chevrolet spark 2008 serial number of cassette or radio... [Read more]
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Chevrolet Matiz ABS problem?

Just had my car looked over at a local garage Problems were as follows found play in the nearside rear w... [Read more]
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why is my car over revving?

I have a chevrolet Tacuma and just had a new timing belt fitted it is now over revving sometimes on breaking a... [Read more]
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how can i repair?

how can i repair a fault on on the washer bottle not pumping water on chevrolet lacetti even though the pump a... [Read more]
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Chevrolet Matiz 2006 Overheating?

my matiz has been brilliant for the last 5 years, no problems. but its recently started overheating and the m... [Read more]
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changing 17 inch wheel to a smaller set?

I have a 2010 chevrolet Colorado truck. the wheels are 17 inch. making it difficult for my wife to enter the v... [Read more]
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