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Video recorder?

I have a matsui videoplus+ vcr with nicam stereo, and I have misplaced the control. Can you help me unlock. ... [Read more]
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How can I get onto AV on Matsui TVR180?

I cant get onto the scart on my matsui tvr180 I pressed the 0 button twice and nothing happens any help ... [Read more]
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Matsui audio system?

Volume control is not functioning properly
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old matsui crt 1410 need help with gaming?

I have a problem getting the tv to change picture to my ps1. i hooked up the leads to the tv, i turn it on and... [Read more]
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Is it safe to use my microwave oven? Matsui M160?

Is it safe to use microwave oven (Matsui M160) even if the turntable does not turn. It heats up but does not t... [Read more]
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Matsui dishwasher salt and rinse aid ligths are on?

I have a matsui mf160 dishwasher. the rinse aid and salt lights have come on and the machine bleeps but will n... [Read more]
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o matsui ms452w dishwasher?

machine goes through its cycle but no initial delay to heat the water and dishes are cold and dirty.
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How do I fix my Matsui Tv -?

Hello My Matsui TV/DVD model M19LID709 is stuck on channel BBC2. I've tried manual buttons, re-tuning, nothin... [Read more]
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Matsui vx1108 is not responding to zapper. Why please?

Zapper will turn on, eject but will not set clock or play or ffwd or fretn. Tv signal is ok through the vcr. ... [Read more]
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remote control ?

Hi, I have a matsui 14v1r and my son lost the remote, I have a remote for a celcus tv ?? can I reset the ... [Read more]

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