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Need a security code please ?

Was removed out of my mitsubishi , and want to install back into another car but i dont have the code thanks i... [Read more]
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How do I open the nylon cord holder on my Mitsubishi T200 strummer?

I need to replace the nylon cord on my Mitsubishi T200 strummer but can't seem to loosen button to open the un... [Read more]
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Clarion security code ?

Hi, The battery went real flat on the old Mitsubishi van and the radio is now wanting a code. Clarion PM1673... [Read more]
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radio code for mitsubishi clarion radio?

radio details as the paperwork got wet & can't read the code bar code L1-0001082 model PM-1673U-A (tick) 05... [Read more]
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Dots on my Mitsubishi 1080 hdtv?

My nephew through something twice a my t.v dots started to appear on it. I replaced the lamp because it was ne... [Read more]
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How to replace 1999 Mitsu Diamonte radio power antenna?

How to relace 1999 Mitsubishi Diamonte power radio antenna?
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where can i get a manual ?

I have an old Mitsubishi paice setter t130 strimmer , does anyone no where I can get a manual for it please .
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colt handbrake?

how to replace hand brake cable on a Mitsubishi colt
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how to fix my mitsubishi 65 in dlp tv?

Changed bulb cause other one popped.turned tv on I see the screen for like 5seconds then it shuts off.why and ... [Read more]
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Does anyone know anything about Jones DB-722 Mitsubishi Foreign?

My friend has been given this machine but doesn't know much about it. Can anyone point me in the right directi... [Read more]
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where can i get a parts/manual for a mitsubishi t200 strimmer ( pacesetter?

Hi I have a Mitsubishi t200 pacesetter strimmer ! im having problems with it and need a manual and proberly pa... [Read more]
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mitsubishi triton 1999 petrol model mk?

replace head gasket
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Sat nav not working?

I have a mitsubishi. L200 2006 but haven't got sat nav disc so I need to buy one if anyone can help
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srs light on a mitsubishi shogun to go off?

how can I get the srs light to go off on a Mitsubishi shogun

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