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32 inch Tecknika keeps losing channels?

My 32 inch Tecknika flat panel TV keeps losing channels almost on a daily basis and needs retuning.
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tecknika tv just went off !?

my tecknika tv just cclicked and then went off no sound picture nothing can it be repaired ??
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unlock the childlock without original remote controle ?

how can i unlock the childlock without original remote control? my tv is TECKNIKA lcd19dvdid-308
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unlock the childlock on technika tv?

how can i unlock the childlock without romote controle ? my tv is TECKNIKA lcd19dvdid-308 thank you
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Is my LCD Tv fixable?

My daughter threw her mobile fone across the room, & it hit the screen of my 32" Tecknika LCD TV, & now all i ... [Read more]
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broken tv?

i moved my tecknika tv across the room it was working and now is flashing the standby light.... can anyone hel... [Read more]
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tv/pc scrren?

I have a tecknika 20" LCD TV model no LCD20-106 That I want to use as a pc screen, but the text is blurry can... [Read more]
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whats happening???

my screen keeps going green it happens on random occasions when watching a dvd. i have a tecknika lcd flat s... [Read more]
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i have a tecknika 40" lcd and it keeps going on standbye?

i have had the tv to a repaireman who says its a fault on the power source has anyone else had this problem an... [Read more]
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LCD TV won't turn on?

Tecknika LCD191D TV about 3 yrs old but not set up during warranty period. I had only been using it a while wh... [Read more]
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Fitting external speaker when there is no phone socket?

I have a 22" Tecknika TV model no. X22/14B-GB-TCD which does not have a phones output. Can I connect external ... [Read more]
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is this a normal problem?

My Tecknika 19" LCD will switch on but the screen just goes a motly shade of what can only be described as clo... [Read more]
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vga webcam?

hi how can i install the software without cd .i got tecknika webcam h16wc-01
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How to install Tecknika VGA webcam?

I too have just bought a Tecknika VGA webcam and headset (model: H16WC-01) and when installing the driver from... [Read more]
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Technika 22" Deleted Channel Restore?

I have a 22" Tecknika tv and after going thru set up all channels working fine except I can't get channel 3 (I... [Read more]
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Technika webcam installation problems?

I have just bought a Tecknika VGA webcam and headset (model: H16WC-01) and when installing the driver from the... [Read more]

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