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To Fix Thomson DTR from Disable to Enable?

Can anyone help have accidentally disabled the function to the Thomson DTR 6300 Box anyone know how to get it ... [Read more]
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model thomson DTI 6021?

when I switch on the red light does appear but the green light is on all the time. when I scan for channels it... [Read more]
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can i fix this?

Thomson dti 6021 dtr.cant get into library,says no disk
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Thomson DTR 6300 - solid red light?

Hi Please can anyone help?! My DTR is stuck with a solid red light on the display panel. The remote control... [Read more]
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Thomson Rearview model 52rw64e serial nr aln612160?

The lopt needs to be raplaced. Fault : Does not switch on.
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Need help with my Thomson HD Set Top Box Model No.JL8006?

Will not record directly from T.V., will not record timed programmes and will not allow entry into menu for pr... [Read more]
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tv channel duplication?

frequent missed programmed recording ??due to duplication of same channel ie 3 channel 4 can I delete these c... [Read more]
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Planned recording will not record while TV is on?

I have a Thomson DTI 6021 digital TV recorder DTR. When my TV is on, a planned program will not record but whe... [Read more]
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how can I fix the t.v. guide on thomson digital recorder 500 GB?

How can I fix the t.v. guide on my Thomson digital recorder 500G. The list of channels is there but no prog... [Read more]
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Thomson Dti 6021 TV guide vanished ?

TV guide has vanished unable to record, have rescan for channels frequencies no longer showing, please advise.... [Read more]
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How can I fix my thomson DTI6300-16?

I have done a reset and rescan..the channels are all listed but only 2 of them play. London Live and QVC extr... [Read more]
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Lost epg Thomson DT16300-16?

Thomson pvr DT16300-16.progs froze scan lost all valid channels,1 frequency found.we,re in Blackpool an... [Read more]
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why won't my recorder switch on?

Thomson top up tv+ digital terrestrial recorder
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tx918n suddenly stop and no power?

thomson tx918n was running and suddenly stop and i found whole house power trip. turn back on washing machine ... [Read more]
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How do I get the programme listings up again?

Had the Thomson Digital Recorder 250gb for about 12months, switched if off for 6 months and now, after rescann... [Read more]
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Buttons on my remote control for a Thomson DTI 6021 no longer function ?

Some of the functions on the remote no longer work - the on/off button, the play/pause for recorded programmes... [Read more]

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