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Stop cd from jumping?

how to stop cd from jumping on my hitachi ax-m76 have tried cleaning disc
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Hitachi ax-m84?

Hi the cd door on my hitachi ax-m84 is stuck open. Do you know how to fix this
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No sound output?

No sound output on radio or disc on my Hitachi AXM649U , remote ok , checked speaker cables ok.
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How can I get my hitachi ax-m68d working?

Hitachi ax-m68d won’t switch on, how do I fix? I have no remote. Is there some lock-out for travel purpose?
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Hitachi 58 inch tv model no 58hk 6100?

i have a 58 inch hitachi tele model no 58hk6100 sn 8518031 00035 18 months old that has sound but no picture... [Read more]
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Hitachi Battery Charger 14.4 Volt UC 14 SD?

How can I fix my Hitachi battery charger 14,4v type UC14 SD When I dock the battery into the charger for my... [Read more]
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Top Loading CD Lid sticking in Hitachi AX-M84?

My Hitachi living system Ax-M84 top loading cd lid is sticking in the up position and won't close to play the ... [Read more]
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Type of fuse?

hitachi charger uc 14sd fuse do you use sloe blow or fast blow fuse
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Hitachi dv18dcl2?

how to remove a chuck
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Hitachi axm899u?

Hitachi midi Hifi lights up but no standby or info light
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Where can I get parts for Hitachi paf-820p I need the motor for the?

Water levels small med large I just need that piece
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hitachi sf95gj error code c3?

The machine is not draining
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how can i fix my Hitachi 42"tv?

Ur Hitachi tv keeps on switching itself off ,sound remains on.
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CD not working but say cd loading?

Can not get CD to work on the Hitachi AX M66, the optical light is not working
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my Itachi digital recorder keeps swiching itself offf?

my Hitachi tv recorder model HDR 255 has started switching itself off especially on stand by any sujestions
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How to get my Hitachi AX-M131U CD reading again ?

My Hitachi AX-M131U CD player does not play any CDs anymore. It only generates error message of no disc. How ... [Read more]
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how can i open my disc on hitachi dz-3000e when light flashing?

my hitachi dz-mv3000e will not open screen reads disc acess and acess pc red light flashing
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HITACHI 43HB6T72U TV will not switch on and Red neon flashing. I have alrea?

My Hitachi TV will not switch on and has a red neon flashing. I have already replaced the Power Board
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How do i remove child lock from hitachi model LE32E699?

How do I remove child lock from hitachi model LE32E699 tv.
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what part controls the spin cycle?

I have 2009 hitachi PAF 820-P washing machine that won't go into a fast spin, it starts the slow spin but stay... [Read more]

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