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Zenith-allegro hr920ae?

where can i find a needle for my zenith- allegro model hr920ae
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How can l stop the fuel coming out of my carb?

l have a old suffolk punch with a zenith carb to start it l tickle it watch for a sign of petrol coming out th... [Read more]
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my zenitH z42pt320 model z42pt320 just shut off by it self now nothing r?

i was was watching cable when the tv just shut off, tried resetting cable box and internet box no luck! no p... [Read more]
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my zenith dvd vhs combo xbv243 has a error code a-er what is the code mean?

What's a-er error code mean
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Old lawnmower acting up?

I have an old but excellent Qualcast/Suffolk Commodore , it's been running beautifully till last week when it ... [Read more]
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How do you bypass timer ?

Leisure zenith 110 keeps blowing fuses traced fault to clock/timer .model of clock is diehl and when brown wir... [Read more]
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why isn't there a picture on the kids Zenith DVP615 mobile player?

The player works, the dvd spins, but there is no picture
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Zenith 60 cooker element?

Could you please tell me how to replace my Zenith 60 fan oven element
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How can I get my Television (1996 Zenith H2707DT to switch to aux?

I can't get my 1996 Zenith television model number H2707DT to switch to auxilary. There is no button on the re... [Read more]
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how to fix my zenith 30 inch tv model #B25A10Z?

it has a great picture but after its on for a min. a black SQUARE Box pops up in middle of screen. how do i ge... [Read more]
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cannot turn on tv with power button?

zenith model b27a24z tv. when pressing power button on tv it will not come on and makes when pressing the powe... [Read more]
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My zenith flat screen goes in and out of being fuzzy?

my picture will be clear, than fuzzy for a little and then clear again and it does this constantly while watch... [Read more]
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zenith model#B27A24Z?

does anyone have schematics on this set, I need capacitor value (replacement number) for CX3212 location.I can... [Read more]
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zenith modelB27a24z?

need component no# for location cx3212
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50" zenith plasma tv?

I turn my tv on, I hear a click then i see green light flash a couple of times then it turns red. no picture.
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Zenith 100 ?

The timer has dropped how can I get to it and fix it thanks It is a zenith 100 dule fuel cooker
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