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Lexmark x4270?

error #1200
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how to toggle from color to black printing lexmark x4650?

The toggle button is stuck on color. How can I get it to toggle to black for printing?
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how can i fix my lexmark x4650 printer?

The front part of the right ink cartridge latch broke off. The separate piece is plastic and the spring. C... [Read more]
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the plastic ink cartridge carrier/holder is broken ?

On Lexmark All-in-One Printer How can I replace cartridge carrier/holder which is flimsy plastic and has br... [Read more]
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lexmark x4850 printer?

how do I replace switch on printer upper door?
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142.10 Service Motor Error?

My printer a Lexmark C534n has an message: 142.10 Service Motor error. How can I fix this problem?
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Lexmark Z645 paper feed?

Paper wants to feed in the the right side only. Pulls at an angle. Turn machine, parts fell out
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Do you have a Service Manual for Lexmark X5470 Model 4425 00 1?

Trying to clean the paper feed rollers. What do I need to remove in order to get to them?
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how to unjam my memory card?

i have a lexmark scanner/printer havent used it for years,stupidly put in my camera memory card now jammed in.... [Read more]
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lexmark x1100 printer?

my lexmark printer will not print,says its offline how do i get it back on line,thanks
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Lexmark 6500 Series printer: printer screen says " cover open" when not so?

Lexmark 6500 Shows "cxover open" until I press down hard on right hand hinge point when normal dialogue appear... [Read more]
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feeder problems?

i have lexmark x4270 feeder not working properly
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Paper feed for lexmark X3580?

bits have broken off over time and the paper won't feed through now is it worth getting a new paper feed and i... [Read more]
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I have a lexmark x4850 and I can not get the creative studio to open ?

I can not get the creative studio to open so I can scan. I tried earlier and it said my OCR Program was missin... [Read more]
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lexmark 2600?

lexmark 2600, paper does not feed through, it goes through slanted then stops making a strange noise.

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