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For example, to mend a computer find the computer categories and choose from Desktop Computer, Handheld Computer, or Laptop Computer.

To repair a Tumble Dryer, find Household Appliances and select Tumble Dryers, or browse similar categories like Washing Machines or Dishwashers.

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Mend it
How can I repair my Alpha Boiler?
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Use how to mend it .com to find out how to mend vacuum cleaners and mobile phones,
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CD players and washing machines.

When we say "find out how to mend just about anything" we mean it!

Categories - mend, repair, fixNeed to know how to mend it? Select a category from below ...

Categories - mend, repair, fix
Audio Systems      Cassette Players      CD Players      In-Car Cassette/Radios      In-Car CD/Radios      Minidisc Players      MP3 Players     
Bathroom Appliances
Baths and Showers      Electric Toothbrushes      Hair Straighteners      Hairdryers      Shavers     
Powerboats      Sailing Dinghies      Yachts     
Chinaware and Porcelain      Glassware      Jewellery     
Digital Cameras      Film Cameras      Video Cameras      Webcams     
Clocks and Watches
Alarm Clocks      Wall Clocks      Wrist Watches     
Jackets and Suits      Shirts      Shoes      Trousers/Pants     
Desktop PCs      Firewalls      Hardware      Internet Connection      Modems      Monitors      Notebooks/Laptop PCs      Printers      Scanners      Tablet PCs      Virus Removal     
Dehumidifiers      Fans      Portable Air Conditioners     
D.I.Y Tools      Decorating      Gardening      General D.I.Y      Lighting      Plumbing      Roofing      Switches and Sockets      Toilets      Windows and Doors     
Blinds      Curtains      Laminate Flooring     
Cabinets and Cupboards      Chairs      Garden Furniture      Kitchen Units      Tables     
Garden Tools
Chainsaws      Grass Trimmers      Hedge Trimmers      Irrigation Systems      Lawn Mowers     
Convector Heaters      Fan Heaters      Home Heating Systems      Oil Filled Radiators     
Household Appliances
Carpet Cleaners      Knitting Machines      Sewing Machines      Stairlifts      Steam Cleaners      Steam Irons      Tumble Dryers      Vacuum Cleaners      Washing Machines     
Kitchen Appliances
Blenders/Mixers      Breadmakers      Coffee Machines      Cooker Hoods      Dishwashers      Electric Cookers      Electric Kettles      Food Processors      Freezers      Fryers      Gas Cookers      Juicers      Microwaves      Refrigerators      Toasters      Waste Disposal Units     
Leisure Equipment
Bicycles      Camping Equipment      Fishing Gear      Gym/Fitness Equipment      Skiing Gear      Sports Equipment     
CompactFlash (CF)      MultiMedia Cards (MMC)      Secure Digital (SD)      SmartMedia (SSFDC)      USB Pen Drives     
Musical Instruments
Drums      Flutes      Guitars      Pianos      Violins     
Satellite Navigation     
Office Appliances
Cash Registers      Document Laminators      Document Shredders      Fax Machines      Photocopiers     
Power Tools
Angle Grinders      Circular Saws      Drills      Electric Screwdrivers      Jigsaws      Sanders     
Security Systems
Car Alarm Systems      Home Alarm Systems     
Anti-Virus      Application Development      Backup      Databases      email      FTP Servers      Graphic Design      Instant Messaging      Internet Browsers      Media Players      Operating Systems      Web Servers      Web Site Design      Word Processors     
Answering Machines      Corded Phone      Cordless Phone      Mobile Phone      VOIP Phones     
Games Consoles     
Caravans / Motorhomes      Cars      Lorrys      Mobile Homes      Motorcycles      Tractors      Trailers      Vans     
Cassette Recorders      DTT Receivers      DVD Players      DVD Recorders      Film Projectors      HD Televisions      MP4 Players      Portable Televisions      Satellite Receivers      Standard Televisions      Video Projectors      Widescreen Televisions     

Fix what?
Kitchen Appliances, Cooker Hoods - fix/mend/repair/service information
D.I.Y, Plumbing - fix/mend/repair/service information
Household Appliances, Sewing Machines - fix/mend/repair/service information
Audio, In-Car CD/Radios - fix/mend/repair/service information
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Thank you for the advice. It worked on my broken toaster.

Jan 2021

Mend it
Why can't I burn DVD-Rs?

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Mend a computer
Fix a tumble dryer
Service your car
Patch software
Mend a DVD player
Increase water flow
Fix a vacuum
Mend your mobile
Repair a mower
Configure a firewall
Fix your TV

...and loads more!

Mend it
How can I mend my Nintendo Wii?

Attempting repairs can be dangerous.
In many instances work should only be undertaken by a qualified professional.
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