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Almish heater surge model w15?

heat surge movable heater electrical fireplace Model W15. why would it stop working and have to reset?
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Where is circuit breaker on unit located?

Where is the circuit breaker for 2008 Amish Heat Surge unit located? No button on upper back left. I can find... [Read more]
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How can I mend my Heat Surge Unit Model #X5A?

My Heat Surge unit Model X5A comes on for heat and then turns off the heat, while the blower and other compon... [Read more]
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ADL-2000M-X Heat Surge Fireplace?

Model ADL-2000M-X Only the low setting works - the high setting does not work. I tried the reset button, bu... [Read more]
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Where can I find a repair center for an Amish heat surge hea?

Where can I find a repair center for an Amish heat surge heater? My zip code is 32433
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Heat Surge Fireplace?

Have a heat surge fire place. Lights don't want to go off when you turn the unit off. They use to go off, now... [Read more]
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My amish heat surge firplace insert doesn't heat?

When I turn on my heat surge insert the flames light up and flicker but the heat and fan will not come on. Wha... [Read more]
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Can we get the Heat Surge to throw more heat?

Our "Heat Surge" doesn't feel like its throwing enough heat. The "logs" don't look as though there is a flame.... [Read more]
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Amish Heat Surge model adl-2000m-x heater problem?

Unit worked last night. This morning turned on and flame effect is working visually. Hear a soft noise that m... [Read more]
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Heat Surge X5C shuts down no heat heat?

I have an Amish Heat Surge X5C heater that when turned on it produces no heat and shuts off after running for ... [Read more]
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How can I fix my heater?

I have a Amish heat surge X5C, I had trouble with lights not going off when I turned unit off, I took out the ... [Read more]
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Heat surge heater flames won’t roll ?

My hear surge heater blows heat flames light up but won’t spin
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Heat surge fire place?

My Amish fireplace heater lights won't go off
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Why does my Amish fireplace blow cold air ? I have replaced the light bulbs?

Model # ADL -2000 M-X Heat surge electric fireplace
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power light is blinking but nothing happens at all in my heat surge M5?

My heat surge M5 unit just stopped working The power indicator light flashes but nothing else works does anyo... [Read more]
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