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2009 ldv maxus Glow plug relay location?

2009 ldv maxus Glow plug relay location
Mend Vehicles, Vans

Any ideas of how to fix my vauxhall vivaro?

have a 2007/08 vauxhall vivaro 2.0 cdti fault code po0235 comes up.glow plug and car with a spanner light up a... [Read more]
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Is it normal that the flame is burning all the time?

Hi, I've just moved into a flat with a Glow-worm space saver 38 and I have zero experience with boilers whatso... [Read more]
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Will not cold start?

Hi has my iveco daily 2003 65c15 have glow plugs fitted ?? or just the fire plug ??
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Murphy Richards, model42223?

Water from its front tank is not taking.Pump is light glow after 01 minute that shows water requi... [Read more]
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Wont heat up?

I have a silver Russell Hobbs glow tip iron which is not heating up. Plenty of water in tank and lights come... [Read more]
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How can i fix my van?

my van stopped as if it had run out of diesel i put more diesel in it is now turning over but wont start and t... [Read more]
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Home heating systems?

Further fault Glow-Worm F100 gas boiler. When the boiler starts up the burner flame comes through the pilot l... [Read more]
Mend Vehicles, Vans

glow plug relay switch ?

where is glow plug relay switch on ldv maxus 2009 would appreciate some help
Mend Vehicles, Vans

Glow plug light on ????

Can any one help i have a 2008 vauxhall vivaro 2.5 cdti the glow plug light is on no fault codes. How do i res... [Read more]
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Which way to turn slotted screw to adjust water pressure up on a glow worm ?

Water pressure is at 0.7 on my boiler .had hot water but now boiler clicks and nothing else. Water still cold ... [Read more]
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Titzio lamp glowing faintly ?

I have an old model Titzio 50, that after almost 40 years suddenly only glows faintly. I changed the bulb with... [Read more]

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