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how can i fix my toshiba 36zp18p?

my tv seams to be affecting my dvd player and ps2 at first the dvd kept going onto stand by but was fine when ... [Read more]
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How to extract a stuck video tape?

After watching and rewinding a rented video tape, the Philips VHS player would not eject the tape. After hitt... [Read more]
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tv screen solid blue?

i have a philips magnavox 13" or 15" color tv model: PR1308B101. the problem is that after it has been on for ... [Read more]
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How can I get the digital display to work on PHILIPS VR-540 6 HEAD NICAM VC?

The digital display shows what channel is being taped, or what channel was last taped. It will not show the ti... [Read more]
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How do i fix my philips 42" Plasma tv (42FD9932) ?

The tv turns itself off after an interval of 10 minutes. The sleep timer is off.
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how do i take macromedia off my dvd player?

how do i take the macromedia off my philips 625 dvd player
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How can I fix my Philips cd changer?

Phillips DC 082 compact disc changer My player registers "cd fault" and the cd's are stuck inside; i cannot ... [Read more]
Mend Audio, CD Players

How can I fix my philips personal cd player?

Can somebody tell me how to fix my philips expanium personal cd player which says unfinalized cd and does not ... [Read more]
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picture freezes?

when watching digital tv on philips 28dw6734d set, picture keeps freezing momentarily
Mend Video, DVD Players

The back speakers are not working?

We have just brought a Philips surround sound system (not expensive) and have set it up but have noticed the b... [Read more]
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