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how can i fix my toshiba 36zp18p?

my tv seams to be affecting my dvd player and ps2 at first the dvd kept going onto stand by but was fine when put onto a portable now it wont play at all im just getting a blue screen the ps2 keeps on moving around the menus and is also fine on another tv there is a sky box and videoppluged in which are working fine dvd is a philips have also plugged in another dvd with same results have emailed philips and toshiba who say that they do not know of any conflicts

September 2004
Does the PS2 come with an RF modulator to connect it to the TV's aerial input? If so connect to the TV's aerial input instead of AV inputs, see if it works OK on RF.

NB. Apparently Toshiba had a compatibility issue with Nintendo Gamecube and this model or similar model involving sync problems with it's progressive scan output connected AV4. I don't know much about playstations or if there is any connection to this but the Nintendo problem required a small circuit change (added resistor) to the Toshiba's sync input.

October 2004

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