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Hard drive not working?

Can a Bush hard drive in a Bush 1000PVR, DVB535/T7655 be fixed?
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Ford 7740 dual power difficult to get into gear?

Hi my dual power white roof 7740 is hard to get into gear epically when trying to select 1,2,3 or 4th while d... [Read more]
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LPG fuel supply problem?

I know this is an old thread but just hoping Fred or anyone can help. I have the same van - LDV Convoy on a... [Read more]
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Toshiba RDXV60KB can i retrieve HDD recording?

this machine has broken - turn on, all lights come on then turns itself off. Have consulted engineers who say ... [Read more]
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bush dfta16 does have a hard drive? ?

How to record in bush dfta16 model?
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Astra bertone 05 over revs and slow to drive?

My car over revs when driving and is hard to drive like my engine is trying to catch up.
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Humax P9300T?

Record function has disappeared from the MENU. No access to the hard drive. I must admit it was getting rather... [Read more]
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How can I fix my tvonics Dtr hv250?

Tvonics Dtr hv250 , when switching box on picture in box says the hard drive is unformatted, tried turning g o... [Read more]
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external hard drive switch?

i have a gemchu3.5"/jt external hards drive 250g that has stopped switching on--i suspect the on/off switch. i... [Read more]
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Can I reinstall software on my Toshiba PVR RDXV60KB?

I have a Toshiba PVR RDXV60KB (Personal Video Recorder) which does these functions:- Tuner for Freeview with p... [Read more]
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Can you fix a freeview box which has frozen at startup. ?

Can you fix a freeview box which has stalled at startup. starting shows on box screen, but does not progress... [Read more]

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