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Mend D.I.Y, Toilets

Grohe toilet flush?

my grohe cistern is the concealed type inside a fixed unit the remote button now has to be pressed several tim... [Read more]
Mend D.I.Y, Toilets

Grohe cistern will not flush?

How do I repair my grohe flush it will not flush unless the button in held in?
Mend D.I.Y, Toilets

Grohe Dual Flush?

I have two dual flush Grohe toilets in my flat. Both are about 5 years old. Neither of these will flush (eithe... [Read more]
Mend D.I.Y, Plumbing

how do i fit a shower thermosthat?

My Grohe 3000 Auto shower thermstaht may need replacing. Can I do this DIY and how?
Mend D.I.Y, Toilets

Grohe toilets?

We have a Grohe 'push button' toilet. It's based on air pressure inside a tube that connects the button you pu... [Read more]
Mend D.I.Y, Toilets

Grohedal cistern w pneumatic flush -- must keep holding button -- help?!?

I have a Grohedal cistern with a Grohe remote flush (with 2 air tubes). To engage a flush it is necessary to ... [Read more]
Mend D.I.Y, Toilets

Where can I buy new seals for Grohe cistern system ?

Grohe seals 14.11.30 3 DAL & 14.11.29 4 DAL Thanks for the advice about de-blistering, I have done this but t... [Read more]
Mend D.I.Y, Toilets

grohe surf toilet 37063?

How do I stop water constantly seeping into toilet bowl? This occurs after flushing even when the float has re... [Read more]
Mend D.I.Y, Toilets

my Grohe cistern (called Grohedal) does not completely stop the water?

Flushing the toilet is in order (push button - remote) but when the cistern has refilled there is a continuous... [Read more]
Mend Bathroom Appliances, Baths and Showers

Brand new Grohe shower head still drips after 24 hours since use?

We've had a new bathroom installed recently, with a wall-mounted Grohe Modern shower arm (40cm) and head. Beh... [Read more]
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