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How can I format an external Intel 180GB SSD (USB?

I have a portable SSD drive (USB connected) which I seem to have corrupted possibly by interrupting a format. ... [Read more]
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Problem with window?

Hi I have a 66 plate Ford Galaxy and when I try to put my windows up today the driver side window only went ha... [Read more]
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IItronics MP3 player, model unknown but it's over 10yr old?

I have an ancient IItronics USB stick MP3 player (AAA battery powered and sorta thumb shaped, not the modern s... [Read more]
Mend Vehicles, Cars

C5 estate depollution?

Citroen c5 exclusive estate 2.0L. 2007 How can I reset my PAT fluid system after filling, I cannot find an in... [Read more]
Mend Vehicles, Cars

Electric windows not working?

I have a 2004 seat alhambra, and when I try to open the rear electric windows from the drivers door switches t... [Read more]
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My HP ProBook Elite laptop is not turning on?

My HP ProBook Elite laptop is not turning on. The power light is constantly lit and the two lights on the edg... [Read more]
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I blew something yesterday changing a bulb on my reverse light I shorted it?

I have a 2012 Nissan premastar diesel 2litre I went to change my reverse bulb and shorted On the body work ... [Read more]
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Nissan Primstar Electric Windows and Wipers Stopped Working?

Just had starter motor fitted yesterday, window wipes and electric windows now not working any ideas?
Mend Vehicles, Cars

window stuck down?

Hi, ford focus cc3 MK2 petrol 09 Drivers window will go down and up in small segments but if full down will ... [Read more]
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My pc "windows" shuts down then reboots , just did it twice in 1/2 hour. What could the cause be, no blue scre... [Read more]

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