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Fan noise, Windows 10, HD Graphics 3000?

I have an HP Probook 4730s.

I have upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10. With Windows 7 I disabled the extra AMD graphics card because I didn't use it. The machine runs well and quietly using just the on board Intel HD Graphics 3000 card.

With Windows 10 the fan noise for me is too much. I have made it slightly quieter by playing with the Power Options in Control Panel. Selecting the Power Saver profile does make the fan quieter, but it is amazing how much this profile slows the CPU. The machine is noticeably slower in this mode. I use High Performance.

I've read that there is no proper driver for the HD Graphics 3000 card for Windows 10. Can't tell you how annoyed I am about this. HP, Intel and Microsoft are all off my Christmas Card List. This laptop is not old, was high spec at the time and is surely exactly the sort of machine Microsoft hope users will upgrade to Windows 10.

I am expecting to roll back to Windows 7. Before I do are there any other things I should try?

Mike Brand
January 2016
Make sure that the air ducts are free of dust and other debrits. Also, check that there is nothing obstructing the air vents.
Do the same for the heat sink for the CPU and GPU.
Any dust impede the air flow and act as thermal insulation.
This, in turn, make those component run hoter, requiring more work from the fans, causing more noise.

Cleaning the accumulated dust should be done yearly for most peoples, with some situations demanding more often.

If you want to disable a periferal, you need to open the device manager.
Fing the periferal, in your case, a video card.
Double-click it to open it's properties.
Click the checkbox titled "Don't use (disabled)"
Switch to the power management tab and sellect "Turn OFF when not in use".
Click the OK button to apply and close.
Done, set to stand by mode with strict minimal power use that don't need cooling = No fan noise for that video card.

Once it's done, you can uninstall the relevent drivers.

If you want updated drivers for your AMD video card, and HP and Microsoft don't have them, you can go direcctly to to get them.

You may switch so any Linux distros, like Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora or Slackware. Be forwarned that you'll be faced with some re-learning to do several things that you do now without even thinking about them.

January 2016
Ubuntu or Mint

January 2016

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