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a water hose on my car burst?

The hose burst on my jaguar xf .I only travelled a few feet will it melt the head or blow the head gasket
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Blazer fixed?

Do you help to get a vehicle fixed in 56 I'm totally disabled on ssi.I have tons of appointments I have to go ... [Read more]
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XS650 head gasket??

1979 Yam xs650 cylinder head has a small groove in the metal about 4mm wide and 2-3mm deep around the outside ... [Read more]
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Overheating mk1 clio?

With the engine running and top off expansion tank water is bubbling in expansion tank is this a head gasket p... [Read more]
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Over heating?

Hi, I have a daf cf 85 tipper truck I had to change the termostat due to it being faulty not working. Since fi... [Read more]
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oil consumption?

i over heated my 2009 3cx now oil is feeding into the inlet manifold via the crank case ventalation..would thi... [Read more]
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Gilera DNA 50 problems?

I have a I have a Gilera DNA 50 that i just cant seem to get running, I have a very good spark at the plug an... [Read more]
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mitsubishi triton 1999 petrol model mk?

replace head gasket
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Renault Laguna 11 Estate 2.2 Dci 2002 UK?

Hi all, on our way to spain when the heater hose split. Took it off, repaired it and started it, all OK dro... [Read more]
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Torke specs for a John Deere 2940 /head bolts?

My tractor is getting oil in the water. I took the valve cover off and there was a bunch of sludge built up i... [Read more]
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how do i set the timeing up on 1.7 diesil astravan on 97 plait?

im am thinking of repaireing head gasket on a astra van diesil

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