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Yale IA-320 alarm Smart Hub keeps disconnecting/no internet?

The Smart Hub for my Yale IA-320 alarm seems to loose internet connection about once a week. When I look at the app on my phone, there is a red banner saying that the hub is offline. When I then look at the hub, there are no lights on.

The Smart Hub has a cabled connection to my router. So this isn't a wifi problem. Other devices also plugged into my router remain connected. This isn't triggered by a power cut.

If I remove the ethernet cable, the hub shows a yellow light indiating it has lost connection. When I plug this cable back in the yellow light goes out, but the main green light does not come on.

I have to remove the power cable and turn off the power switch, wait a few seconds and then turn on the power switch and restore the power cable before it connects back to the internet.

Something seems to be disturbing the internet connection and the Smart Hub cannot reestablish a connection. It is like it won't try to reconnect. It will only do so on start up.

Has anyone seen the same?

July 2021


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