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forgot code for my hsa 3800. how do i reset it?

i forgot code for my yale hsa 3800. how do i reset it?

February 2012
Incase anyone is still after this info, i managed to get it from Yale.

1) Power down the control unit by removing the DC jack plug and the back up battery
2) Re-insert the jack plug whilst holding down the UP Arrow key
3) Release the Up Arrow key when a tone is heard “Enter code” will be displayed
4) Enter the following key sequence up,down,up,down,up,down,up,down,ok, a new menu will be displayed
5) Press the escape key until the control unit returns to “Alarm On” screen
6) Press 0000 ok to return to “Alarm Off” the control unit is now reset

Sam Raby
October 2016
Extended warranty cert..

oh yes even yale offer that.

no name
February 2012
We have a comedian in out midst.

February 2012
certificate,?for a yale?do you mean the receipt from b n q ?

February 2012
not in a house,??? i hope

February 2012
yale ?is it fitted in dog kennal

February 2012

Go on indulge us.

They speak to anyone, if they ever pick up.

No name no brain....................

February 2012
Yale have a helpline team,who are there to offer,

advice or

solve problems over the phone,.

Have your certificate ready,

helpline 01902 635998

9am-5pm mon-fri

no name
February 2012


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