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GBC Ultima 65 rollers just arollin' nonstop?

Help. I have a GBC Ultima 65 which turns on, but the rollers immediatly run. The control panel seems ok, i looked at it and cleaned it. The roller heats, and green light comes on when ready. The reverse button works, but the stop button beeps but does not stop the rollers. The rollers run at a constant speed even though the control panel lights change when changing speed. The run switch turns on the green when pushed, and the leds turn off when stop switch pressed. The rollers start turning as soon as you power it up and just constantly turn at the same speed, no matter what buttons you press. Anybody have a clue to this? No sign of damage to any PCB.

Andy Mein.
August 2016
I had this same problem, with an Ultima 65-1, in one of our schools. After testing everything else, I installed an old main board, that I use for testing. That cured the problem for the school. However, the board is VERY expensive, and their machine was over 12 years old. They decided to replace the machine rather than pay half the cost of the machine for the circuit board.

September 2016

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