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GBC Ultima 65 Breaker?

I've got an Ultima 65 that trips its breaker every once in a while. It's not frequent (once every 3 months or so), but I was wondering what causes that and should I be concerned?

February 2016
Thanks guys! I sure appreciate y'all :-)

February 2016
the breakers go bad, and trip for no reason. from digikey the breaker is under 10 buck, from GBC near 60 bucks. be sure to replace the wirest that plug on the breaker when you install the new breaker. I service all brands of roll laminators in the pittsburgh area as a indenpendent service provider. I have never seen a ultima 65 breaker trip for any reason other than the breaker going bad.. bob haller service and sales 412 366 4906 thelephone tech help is always free

bob haller
February 2016
There are many Ultima 65 problems reported on here - use the search box to see them all.

One in particular talks of the breaker tripping - a service person replies to say that this happens often and it's always down to a bad breaker.

You should not be particularly concerned.
In my opinion...

Good Luck...
February 2016


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