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how to fix GBC Ultima 65 roller that won't heat up?

The top roller of our GBC Ultima 65 heats up but not the bottom roller. What might be wrong and how do I fix it.

Lucy in Laurel, MD
May 2016
I have re-crimped the heater wires in a number of machines. I have one that is still working after doing this 9 years ago. ---Power off and unplugged---. Remove both side covers. Remove the screws attaching the wire to each end of the infrared heater . Remove the green rubber heater holders (two screws on each). CAREFULLY slide the infrared heater out one end. One end may not still be attached to the heater tube, so feel for that as you begin to slide it. Lay it flat on the table. Use pliers to squeeze open the broken crimp end. Pull the heater coil far enough out of the tube so you can re-crimp. Slide the end back on the tube. Carefully reinstall the infrared heater (may need something to assist feeding it through opposite end), green mount and screws. Make sure to re-attach the heater wires to the ends. Should be ready to test, and reinstall covers.

September 2016
Sorry I missed your question. I repair all brands of roll laminators in the western pa area. each roller has a heater in it. GBC tend to work well but the costs of parts and service is astronomical. the heater cost around 500 bucks per pair. they eally need to both top and bottom at the same time.

you may be able to recrim the connection at the end of the non heating roller. to get it working again. telephone tech support is always free you can call me at 412 366 4906

bob haller service and sales
July 2016


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