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dvd burner to dell optiplex 980 small case?

i have a Dell (small case) 980 optiplex pc -want to fit a dvd burner.
i have a spare one from my Lenovo thinkcentre (small case) dual core -old pc -think cables are sata
also one from an old dell pc
will they drop in easily
are the cables already in the Dell 980

amateur pc lad
June 2016
thanks heaps

happier aussie
June 2016
Take the covers off your PC and see if there's a space for a removable media device - if yes then buy what you need and fit it. It will come with cables - if it's second user and has no cables then go to the store and buy what you need. Add a device driver.

If there's no room inside the machine then buy an external device.

Good Luck...
June 2016


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