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computer not protected when booting up p.c?

I have Microsoft Essentials anti virus. When I boot my computer up. I get the message Real time protection is turned off turn it on. I click turn on and it does not respond. However after a few seconds it tells me that my computer is safe again. No problem if I leave my computer on all the time. I have a Dell computer. Vista. IE 7 yes I know it is an old browser, If
I change to a more modern browser it makes my computer slow. Is there a way of getting rid of this please.

January 2012
When you boot your computer, you anti-virus usualy don't start completely immediately.
Most of the time, the manager part start first, before every components have a chance of effectively starting. The manager detect that the other parts are not, yet, active and isue the warning.
The manager then proceed with loading the diverse modules and starting them.
If you wait a little, then, every components will get loaded and initiated, and the warning will go off by itself.

The warning appearance is normal. You don't have to wory about it unless it stays on for several minutes.

January 2012
Thank you for your reply.Iused to have AVG 9 (paid version) which I actually uninstalled a year ago because it was making my computer slow. I actually lost a year that I had paid for. However in December of last year i had a warning from AVG that my licence was about to expire. I did wonder at the time if there were any bits and bobs left on my computer from AVG so downloaded and used the AVG removal tool. I did actually uninstall MSE befor I used the tool. Then reinstalled it. How do i find out if i do have any other Malware software installed please. I certainly have not got norton or Mcafee

January 2012
Do you have any other malware software installed? If so you may have to remove it as there could be a conflict between them.
You shouldn't need anything other than Microsoft Security Essentials installed on your device, you may also need to reinstall this after removing any other software.

January 2012


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