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GBC Ultima 65 Power Switch Failure?

The AC Switch on my Ultima 65 burned out/melted. I replaced the switch and that one melted, too. What would be causing this? Could it be caused by corroded leads on the wires plugged into the switch? Could it be a faulty breaker? Not sure what direction to go on this.

August 2015
I service these machines as a indenpendent service provider in the pittsburgh area for all brands of roll laminators including GBC.

the ultimate 65 has a circuit breaker right in the area of the power switch. I have serviced laminators since 1975. I have never found a ultimate 65 that trips that breaker for cause or uses too much current.

ALWAYS replace the wire leads and connectors when replacing any parts in the power circuit.

most probably the leads / connectors were bad and caused both switch failures. they often are brown from overheating and have that toasted look.

so order another new switch, got to home depot and buy some 12 gauge wire and new connectors, those spade terminals.

the heavier wire and heavier connectors help to minimize over heated connectors in the future.

give me a call if you have any questions. telephone tech help is always free.

its sad that GBC dramatically overcharges for parts and service

those orange heat rollers now cost $640 EACH.

bob haller service and sales 412 366 4906
August 2015
One of the connections will be dirty and present a slightly high resistance - it will act like a heater - the more current that flows through the dirty connection the greater the heat will be generated. The heat will be dissipated (soak into) the switch and eventually heat the plastic until it melts.

A new switch will have clean terminals but the wires (connections) to the switch will be the culprit.

Fit a new switch but look to the connectors before you connect up and switch on.

Yes - it Will be caused by corroded leads.

Clean up your act...
August 2015

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