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why are the coils on the dehumidifier freezing up?

the coils on my dehumidifier are freezing up

August 2006
Try a fan and a 40 or 60 watt light bulb. This is more affordable than an electric heater. Good Luck

March 2008
If your unit supports low temp operation (not all dehumidifiers do), the first answer above applies and you'll see the evaporator coil freeze up, the unit should detect the freezing coils and eventually run through a defrost cycle to melt the ice and drain off the water. When the surrounding air is cold enough to freeze up your evaporator coil (typically around the mid to upper 60's), this process continues in a repetitive cycle.

If your unit's defrost cycle is broken or if your unit just doesn't support low temp operation, when the surrounding air temp gets around the 60's or below, the coils will freeze and never thaw out until you turn the unit off for a while (not really usable in lower temp environments...).

January 2007
they are supposed to this how the moisture in the air is collected then they defrost and the water drips into tank

November 2006
The coils are freezing because they are getting below 32 F., which is because you are running the unit in too cool an area for its capacity. If you had a fan blowing on the unit that would help. Also a heater, but that's expensive. What temp was the surrounding air, back in August, when you asked this?


November 2006


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