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DEM 10 where can i get Black mini-power relays?

Hi my DEM10 has just failed, i noted a chemical type burning smell...anyway turned it off took apart today. All after reading your members info re the troublesome Yellow capacitor & with particular ref to "patch" who tells us how to take it appart!(brilliant).
After removing the said yellow peril ...i noted the 2 top small black mini power relays..the lower one had blown a hole & melted the left hand side thru its casing so im now guesing this is my problem...i am about to order this part so i have removed it. it is a LS Lisheng part no LRD-S-124DMT ..a 12A/125VAC,7A/250VAC,7A/30VDC-10A/125VAC,10A/28VDC, the melting is on the left side where 10A notations are..But on removal i find the RH side has 3 pins on rear & LH has only 1 pin at top....HELP please where can i get one of these?? The other top relay looks ok (which seems the same as this burnt one. It looks about 20x13x13mm size.
The Yellow capaictor i have purchase on ebay ok...but the black relay...????? Any info greatfully appreciated thankyou to all you readers. Hope you can help me cannot afford a new DEM10. Oh quiki- missed my Deloghi is a 2006 unit

Toni blue
May 2017

May 2017
Same question : where?

November 2022
Ask someone who is actually COMPETENT to look at it.

May 2017
You say...
im now guesing this is my problem..

And it may well be your problem - with a burn hole in it then it will certainly need to be replaced but...

The damage may be a symptom of the fault rather than the cause... Some component failed - too much current was allowed to flow through the relay and it blew up.

If you just replace the relay there's a strong chance that the new one will also self destruct because of the underlying fault.

But you may get lucky...

As for a replacement - the designer / manufacturer will have specified a commercially available component - your replacement need not necessarily be of the same brand - just take it to a Hobby Electronic store like Maplins and ask them to match it.

Good Luck...
May 2017


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