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Does changing 1uf capacitor fix abnormal defrost light behaviour?

I have had my Delonghi DEM10 for around 5 years. It has worked flawlessly until now. The Defrost light flashes in room temperatures greater than 20 degrees C. If I turn the unit off when the Defrost light is flashing, wait a few seconds and turn it back on, the defrost light will sometimes behave normally. The defrost light can also start flashing when the machine is turned on after a lengthy 'OFF' period.
If I change the 1uf capacitor on the control board, will this cure the problem?

Ian Parker
December 2016
Ian, did that work for you? I have the same issue and wondering if you had changed the capacitor?

May 2020

Appears to be a common problem. Can't think of a reason that a simple 1uf capacitor would go faulty so often.

I do note someone had success by cleaning the fins etc., inside. That may help.

December 2016
Who can say... but it will only cost you a few pennies to find out - capacitors are very cheap from hobby electronic stores.

Good Luck...
December 2016

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