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DeLonghi DEM10 fan not spinning?

Crying in tears here, owned my lovely dehumidifier for about 7 years now, never any problems occurred!! However, my DEM110 is not collecting any water. Power is on, PCB works. I have opened the case after struggling for about 2 hours... And have discovered loads of dust, all cleaned now, the unit is assembled. However, the fan is not spinning anymore. I have opened it again and oiled the shaft with WD40, no results... What could be the problem with the fan? Thank you!

May 2017
Is the float switch jammed, making the thing think its full of water?

May 2017
Power not getting to the fan - Easy to check with a meter or even a suitable low power bulb
Failed fan motor - Is power getting to it? - Easy to check with a meter or even a suitable low power bulb or disconnecting the fan and running it from a suitable alternative supply.
Fan jammed - is it free to spin?

May 2017

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