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Miele G1222 series dishwasher F14 error message?

Hello, I am getting a F14 error on My Miele G1222 series dishwasher and believe I have checked the most common... [Read more]
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Central Locking on Vauxhall Astra 2008?

My washer pump and boot weren't working, i changed the fuse for that and that has now started working.. i also... [Read more]
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How to remove the drain pump of a WDT1085 washer/dryer?

The drain pump of this machine just was not working, the timer wax clicking but on inspection was discovered s... [Read more]
Mend Household Appliances, Washing Machines

how can i fix my kenmore washer that wont agitate after fill?

kenmore washer 11022622100 motor wont start and agitate after fill(lid swith is bypassed) i can tap on either ... [Read more]
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Hoover washing machine has code e03 ?

Hoover washing machine has code e03 bought new pump fitted it water comes out of washer but the code still com... [Read more]
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Fisher Paykel GWL10 top load washer Error Code 248?

Washer symptoms: power on, starts, a little water goes on, then stops, a little water, about 12 times back & f... [Read more]
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My AEG Favorit 50750i is leaking water tha goes into the tray and floor l?

My trouble first started with code C3 showing on the front of the washer. Following the advice that is given o... [Read more]
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windscreen washer pump removal Zafira A?

How do I remove the windscreen washer pump on a Zafira A
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AE.g. favorite 40300 dishwasher how to repair circulating pump ?

Washer not filling with water. If manually filled it does not circulate the water. Pumps water out at correct... [Read more]
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how do i empty the pump on whirlpool AWO/O 4505?

the empty pump light has come on and the washer stopped what do I do
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Hotpiont bwm129?

Hi when iv put my washer on its not finishing the cycle it just keeps going im having to stop it and put it on... [Read more]
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Champion pressure washer CPW 1750, buzzing not pumping?

out of the blue my pressure washer did not start pumping when switched on. all i get is a buzzing noise except... [Read more]
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ford ka - window washer not spraying but water coming into car when used?

when i use my window washer there is no spray to the window, but i noticed that the water is dripping into the... [Read more]
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Washer pump or pump fuse?

Hi I have a ford transit 2010 plate and the window wipers are working but the pump is not working. I am trying... [Read more]

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