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Miele G1222 series dishwasher F14 error message?

Hello, I am getting a F14 error on My Miele G1222 series dishwasher and believe I have checked the most common causes for this error.
When starting a program it fills water to the correct level (water level is just under filter handle), it runs the water softner cycle for about 30 seconds, then a relay can be heard clicking (I am assuming this is the relay for the ciculation pump motor) but the circulation pump does not start and as a result no water is circulated through the washer arms. After another 5 seconds another discrete click is heard (another relay or maybe the same relay releasing?). After about 13 seconds this short cycle repeats itself and tries the same thing again and again for about 20 times.
After that, the F14 message appears and the drain cycle starts and successfully empties the machine from water.
I have checked and tested the following:
The circulation pump motor capacitor measured OK (10uF) but I replaced it anyway just in case. The circulation pump motor windings resistance measured to 15 ohms (outer connectors) and 17.5 ohms (inner connectors). The pump housing and impeller was disassembled and verified to be free from debree, and the pump motor spins freely without striction. I measured/checked the Heater pressure switch function which operates exactly according to the Miele schematics and I also checked that it actuates when pressurized.
Any idea what the culprit may be? Could it be the wiring between the electronics control board and the pump motor or maybe the control board itself?
I have unfortunately been unable to find instructions on how to access service mode on this machine online. It would be interesting to just try to run the circulation pump and see what happens and if it stands still also measure voltage at the pump motor and move on from there.
Thanks in advance for any insight or advice!

February 2023
Thanks Edji, I will have a look at the controller board and see what I find there. Mabye also ring up the wiring between controller board and motor. Not sure if the relays are easily removable and suspect they are soldered in. It would be nice to have the schematics as a guide but have not found any online for this washer. In my Miele clothes washing machine a paper copy of the schematics were located inside the machine under the top cover(!). Maybe Milele did not do this on dishwashers? I will have a look for schematics under the side cover, or maybe they were removed by a previous repairman? I did not buy this washer new, so unfortunately I dont know of its repair history.
Best regards,

February 2023
You could check the relay is actually switching ok. It might be necessary to remove it to test it.

You could also try popping some sensing wires on the circ motor, on the PCB output and maybe on the relay (?) That switches the supply to the circ motor. That'd let you see if there's any volts in all the right places.

February 2023

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