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Daf cf85 euro 3?

Hi i have problems with my daf cf85 2001 euro 3 Hard starting issue and sometime red engine warning light wit... [Read more]
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Whirlpool washing machine?

Clean pump light keeps flashing
Mend Kitchen Appliances, Dishwashers

Why is my SMEG Dishwasher showing E1 without water in tray?

Hi, i have got an older SMEG Dishwasher showing E1. 1. First there was water in the bottom tray. After rem... [Read more]
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Thorn Harcal 460?

Perhaps my 46 year old Thorn Harcal 460 is the last one in use, but its time is running out. The Danfoss RS 28... [Read more]
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Water won’t pump out?

It won’t pump the water out of the dishwasher. Need an idea. Dishwasher Model-GSD2230Z02WW
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Greenstar Highflow 440?

d5 code appeared, pressed spanner button till red then pressed ECO -- 11 appeared but still the pump does not ... [Read more]
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Miele G1222 series dishwasher F14 error message?

Hello, I am getting a F14 error on My Miele G1222 series dishwasher and believe I have checked the most common... [Read more]
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Diagnostic Codes for Tricity bendix aw1202w washing machine?

Hi, I have a tricity bendix aw1202w washing machine and when I turn on any program , the drain pump runs for a... [Read more]
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Shurflo suk-0224?

Where can I purchase a pump head for a shurflo suk-0224?
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Central Locking on Vauxhall Astra 2008?

My washer pump and boot weren't working, i changed the fuse for that and that has now started working.. i also... [Read more]

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