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How to mend ... Airbag Light

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How can I fix my car airbag light?

Hyundai Matrix 1.6L 2007 model air bag light staying on. Have checked connector under driver seat and cable sh... [Read more]
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How to remove airbag light on dash ?

How do I remove airbag light on dash on Renault sandero
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how can i stop airbag light fron flashing continuously on a nissan micra?

my airbag light keeps flashing
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Peugeot partner with airbag light on?

peugeot partner airbag light came on "professionals" don't know what the prob is, they want me to do expensive... [Read more]
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what could be wrong with airbag system on my corsa d ?

I fitted a new passenger seat in my corsa d and the airbag warning light is flashing I had to put the airbag o... [Read more]
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Airbag faulty light on Peugeot 307 ?

Any idea how I mend the airbag light on my dash it's so annoying
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Renault modus warning lights?

Hi can anyone tell me why the check emissions, spanner and illuminated engine light is on, and occasionally ai... [Read more]
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How can I stop airbag light flashing on Nissan primera p12?

I have a Nissan primera p12 found a tiny screw under passenger seat since light came on. Any help appreciated
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how to reset an airbag warning light on a peugeot 107?

how to reset an airbag warning light on a Peugeot 107
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How to fix Renault Clio airbag service light?

After I had soldered the wires under the passenger seat of my Renault Clio do I need to have the computer re s... [Read more]
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Nissan primera estate p12 02 plate airbag light flashing? ?

Hi guys tried doing the ignition sequence a few times and got it off within the first time but went to start t... [Read more]
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what does code 138 on airbag system for a 1999 renault megane 1 mean?

My airbag and service light are on and code 138 shows up on the diagnostic test could anyone tell me what this... [Read more]
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turn airbag light off ford fiesta 2009?

ive had a new airbag kit fitted by garage and my module reset after the airbags deploying but the airbag light... [Read more]
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2002 Peugeot 206 1.6v?

Peugeot 206 Please can someone help me I'm at wit's end with my 2002 Peugeot206 1.6v I cant spend much more... [Read more]
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airbag activation light vauxhall insignia cdti sri 2014?

on the left handside of the center console is the airbag activation light it seems to be on all the time is th... [Read more]
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Renault Megane 1.6 2004?

I have a problem with the airbag & service light constantly on. How can I get to the connectors (front & back... [Read more]
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how can i put the srs airbag light out on a mitsubishi shogun?

how can I put the srs airbag light out on a Mitsubishi shogun 1997, I had a new steering box fitted and it cam... [Read more]

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