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Kaoyi KFD 515s dimmer switch?

I need a Kaoyi KFD 515s dimmer switch? Where can I find this?
Mend D.I.Y, Lighting

Hytec dimmer switch?

Repair to hytec dimmer switch model HY-3360D?
Mend D.I.Y, Lighting

Hytec HY-3360 Dimmer Switch?

Can you provide details of a repairer for this switch. I see the name Paul in earlier posts but not sure who o... [Read more]
Mend D.I.Y, Lighting

Where can I get a new Kaoyi KFD-515S switch/dimmer?

The dimmer works for the main light, but the push button does not click on and off for the smaller light in th... [Read more]
Mend D.I.Y, Lighting

KFT=6022 Foot Dimmer ?

How can I mend a KFT=6022 Foot Dimmer switch for my floor lamp?
Mend D.I.Y, Lighting

How can I fix a HY-3360C dimmer switch ?

I have a HY-3360C dimmer switch on a standard lamp that I suspect is faulty - the dimmable 300W light doesn't ... [Read more]
Mend D.I.Y, Lighting

dimmer switch HY 3360D?

How can I get in touch with Paul in Ireland to repair dimmer when given tel.no. of 07514874120 sounds like a f... [Read more]
Mend D.I.Y, Lighting

Plastic pattress and earthing?

I have to extend my light switch wires from my original metal wall patress finishing in a plastic dry wall pat... [Read more]
Mend D.I.Y, Lighting

dimmer switch HY-3360D?

where can I get a new switch, or failing that,can it be repaired
Mend D.I.Y, Lighting

How to fix my spot lights?

I have a double dimmer switch and the kitchen ones kept tripping out the circuit board every time I switched t... [Read more]
Mend D.I.Y, Lighting

fix bimer switch on sharper image #s1448 pole light?

replace or fix dimmer switch sharp image model number s1448
Mend D.I.Y, Lighting

failing dimmer switch?

My previous question should of course read ' three double wall lights'
Mend D.I.Y, Lighting

failing dimmer switches?

The lighting in my lounge consists of four double wall lights(ie.six lamps) controlled by a dimmer switch. Las... [Read more]
Mend D.I.Y, Switches and Sockets

Change light switch?

Put new light switch on from dimmer to single switch after 30min. The light dims down then goes off won't swit... [Read more]
Mend D.I.Y, Lighting

where can i obtain a dimmer switch?

My mother and child light blew a bulb so i replaced bulb but now the dimmer switch will not dim part number h... [Read more]
Mend D.I.Y, Lighting

Dimmer switch?

I have two main chandeliers in living room with 3 separate bulbs- one bulb blew and has blown my dimmer ( the ... [Read more]
Mend D.I.Y, Lighting

Faulty dimmer switch?

I have a 2 light , floor standing lamp. The rotary dimmer switch has a fault. I have renewed the fuse. One of ... [Read more]
Mend D.I.Y, Lighting

How to find a Kaoyi KFD 515s dimmer switch?

Anyone have any ideas of where I might be able to find a dimmer switch replacement part. It is a Kaoyi Model ... [Read more]
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renault 7.5 medlum?

no dash lights dimmer switch working tacko lit but no dash lights?
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