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Aerial connection to TV?

When my old TV died some years ago I decided to just watch TV through my PC. Recently someone gave me a TV bec... [Read more]
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Catchup tv error message?

I have had the Logik 43inch led smart android tv for a week and whenever i watch catchup tv i get an error me... [Read more]
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Panasonic DVD Recorder Screen 'Noise'?

Panasonic hard disc and dvd recorder. Several years old now. Works & records OK except that there is 'noise' ... [Read more]
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Can I reinstall software on my Toshiba PVR RDXV60KB?

I have a Toshiba PVR RDXV60KB (Personal Video Recorder) which does these functions:- Tuner for Freeview with p... [Read more]
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blaupunkt tv remote?

Hi,Imust have accidently hit the DTV button on my Blaupunkt TV remote and now every day a at 1.30pm a message ... [Read more]
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Will this work?

if i fit xtrons-in-car-12v-dvb-t-digital-freeview-tv-receiver-box-rca-av-out-for-monitors...will it work in m... [Read more]
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how can i fix my tompson dti 6021. dtr?

tomson freeview dti 6021 recorder the real time on tv guide freezes and will not record
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TV changes from Virgin to Freeview on its own?

I have a TH-42PX70BA TV which has just started switchinng from Virgin Media back to freeview on its own. I swi... [Read more]
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humax pvr 9150t?

I moved my TV and. Freeview receiver. When I reconnected the record function on the menu has disappeared and t... [Read more]
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5010 KB Freeview Box?

Box stuck on BBC1 but with a blank screen on TV. Remote is working as LED on box flashing when pressing keys. ... [Read more]
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How can I fix my thomson DTI6300-16?

I have done a reset and rescan..the channels are all listed but only 2 of them play. London Live and QVC extr... [Read more]
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satbox ultra s7090pvr media not alive?

I am getting a "media not live" message on my Dish TV Satbox Ultra s7090pvr Freeview box. This means that ... [Read more]
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technika x22/14b-gb-tcd-uk faulty?

Hi i have a Technika X22/14B-GB-TCD-UK lcd tv that is faulty the tv switches on and all the functions work fin... [Read more]

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