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Aspera engine on westw?

Aspera motor, 4 stroke engine on westwood rotovator. I have removed the flywheel which includes 2 magnets. The... [Read more]
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my T50 Westwood tractor wont Start?

The engine turns okay, the spark plug renewed, petrol okay. However when the ignition key removed the dashboar... [Read more]
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jcb m25 petrol strimmer spark plug gap?

My strimmer is prooving difficult to start. There is fuel getting to the engine so Im thinking it might be the... [Read more]
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Hayter Heritage 13/30 ride on mower?

New battery, new spark plug and fresh fuel. It started but felt like it was overchoking, and limited revs, I t... [Read more]
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Spark plug gap?

What is the spark plug gap on the red devil engine
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Depollution faulty on full time?

I have a peugeot 207 vti petrol. Have depollution fault and check engine light in my car for over one year now... [Read more]
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Hunting mower engine?

The engine is hunting on my mower, I have cleaned the carb and all the jets are clear, there is no diaphragm, ... [Read more]
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3813 Honda Lawn Mower?

My Honda is 30 years old. Mowed half the lawn then the engine stopped. Had gas, put in new battery because the... [Read more]
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Problems with my car?

As I was driving, the engine auto-diagnosis light came on and stayed on for approximately three minutes, endin... [Read more]
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electrics ?

took the plus of the battery connected when finished working we had a spark but nothing to worry than the wa... [Read more]

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