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Mend Software, Instant Messaging

How can i fix Yahoo! Messenger?

When sending a SMS in Yahoo Messenger someone else's name appears in the message not mine as sender. Have trie... [Read more]
Mend Software, Instant Messaging

cant install yahoo messenger?

i am having problems downloading a messenger
Mend Computers, Notebooks/Laptop PCs

yahoo mail not opening after correct ID ab password?

Yahoo Messenger is not opening even after providing full ID and password. It is opening through Yahoo Mail In... [Read more]
Mend Software, Instant Messaging

Typing - not appearing immediately?

While I am typing on yahoo messenger - I can't see what I am typing
Mend Computers, Notebooks/Laptop PCs

yahoo.messenger no signal?

yahoo messenger no signal almost 1weeks ago no signal why????
Mend Computers, Desktop PCs

how can i fixed yahoo messenger?

their was message say application is failed because it's side to side configuration is incorrect
Mend Software, Instant Messaging

cant sign in?

i'm having trouble signing in to yahoo messenger i don't know what is wrong? could you help?
Mend Software, Instant Messaging

Yahoo Messenger Issue?

Why can't people see what I type on Yahoo Messenger?
Mend Cameras, Webcams

my web cam is freezing how do i fix it?

When i'm on yahoo messenger talking with someone my web cam freezes and i must restart it, how do i stop this ... [Read more]
Mend Software, Instant Messaging

i carnt open my email or uther folders in yahoo messenger?

can only opn a few things and i carnt see my text when i am on web cam please help
Mend Software, Instant Messaging

name on yahoo messenger?

When I write to some one in yahoo messenger it comes out when sent it as some one elses name not mine. How d... [Read more]
Mend Computers, Notebooks/Laptop PCs

yahoo login?

I have 1 new message on my yahoo messenger under new mail it won't allow me to open it up.I get an error repor... [Read more]
Mend Software, Instant Messaging

Booted from Yahoo messenger?

I am constantly being booted from messenger. Very frustrating.
Mend Software, Instant Messaging

what will i do when the apllication and configurion i not correct?

my yahoo messenger application and configuration is incorrect.thats why it always failed when i open it.what ... [Read more]
Mend Software, Instant Messaging

yahoo messenger?

my yahoo messenger will not show my friends list or show my smileys yet every thing else works
Mend Software, Instant Messaging

how can i fix my yahoo messenger?

when i sign in i can see my offline msg. and i can see the msg everytime i talk to somebody online
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