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Hytec HY-3360 Dimmer Switch?

Can you provide details of a repairer for this switch. I see the name Paul in earlier posts but not sure who or where he is.

Ray Matthews
October 2020
Mr Davison,
Are you still repairing the HY-3360 dimmer switch?
I have been calling both phone numbers you've given on this site, including the one above, but I get no answer ( I used country code +44)
One question: I've noted (for both the dimmer's outputs) full mains voltage even with the switches turned off?!? Is a normal failure mode for this dimmer?
John Puma

John Puma
June 2022
Ray I am Paul Davison ring me on 07514 874120 and I will repair it for you

January 2021
Didn't take much finding:

That was from 2015, so he may have moved on.

You can also have a new one for 25 quid

Be aware there are several different variants

October 2020

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