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how to reboot the compaq?

a problem has been detected and windoews has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer.i have try f8 ... [Read more]
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bootgr error ?

compaq laptop vista tried to reboot to manufactures showed bootgr error & error code 1002
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why do i get page not responding all the time?

i have a compaq presario cq60, it is a year old and it is so slow,when i switch it on it takes 20 mins to load... [Read more]
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How do i add bluetooth wireless networking?

Compaq 702 mini notebook. Hard drive wiped. After repair i lost bluetooth capability, is it possible to get ... [Read more]
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no sound on proview cy-565?

no sound on monitor, but is coming out of computer compaq slim xp pro,
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how do i get the voice back?

my computer a compaq presario has lost its voice and i can't hear anything. How do fix this?
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New processor?

Ok, my question is this. My Compaq Presario CQ50 110-EM, has 3 GB of RAM and i want to upgrade it to more, b... [Read more]
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How can I fix my Compaq R3000?

My computer turns on with a black screen and a flashing cursor..will not boot up
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Compaq cq61 416sa battery/power light flashing?

Hi I have a Compa CQ61 416sa, my son spilt Coca cola on it :(. I cleaned it externally and internally but wit... [Read more]
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brand new Compaq touchpad keeps freezing?

I just got a new Compaq Presario CQ56 and the touch pad keeps freezing up and the coursor won't move or is ver... [Read more]
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Laptop freezing on log in screen?? Hp compaq presario cq60?

When I turn on my laptop and it loads up the screen where I normally enter my password, my keyboard wont work ... [Read more]
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upgrade processor?

can i upgrade my processor on a compaq presario 5000 series
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compaq presario c500 notebook?

compaq presario c500 does not detect my printer
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lcd tv to pc?

trying to connect presario compaq cq56 to lcd tv pc has vga port tv has dvi used vga to dvi adapter still no s... [Read more]
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need sound driver?

hello i am just fresher in knowledge of computers so i just want o know that how i will be able to know... [Read more]
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how can i fix my compaq presario c300?

my laptop wont turn on the power lights flicker sometimes the screen comes on for a few seconds then it turns ... [Read more]
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how to fix ?

the icon for my printer wont show up on my lower bar which it did before the ink ran out in printer put new on... [Read more]
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eject button atop Hard disk?

hello, this eject thing snapped , spring and stuff came out,brass colored small metal things...then when i reb... [Read more]
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desktop pc light turns on wont turn off and no signal?

compaq presario pc sr5404f power light comes but wont turn off and no signal to moniter
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Loss of WLAN following crash Compaq Pressario A900?

My laptop crashed and I was unable to re-boot. A friend of my son said they could help but when they returned... [Read more]

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