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How do I remove ProcKill-CH?

According to McAfee Virsusscan a trojan called ProcKill-CH is hiding in a non-deletable .exe file in my c:\windows\system32. On startup it seems to disable the McAfee Virusscan program. How do I get rid of this pest?

January 2005
If you use McAfee 8i, it automatically quarentines the virus!

reza, Iran
February 2005
One thing to add to the above. Make sure you have enabled "View Hidden files and folders". To do this double click My Computer- on the menu bar click Tools - Folder Options. On the tab bar click View. In Advanced Settings - check the box - Show hidden files and folders. Now you should be able to see your Trojan in System32 on reboot in Safe mode.

fanger pc doc
January 2005
Locate the file by going to START - SEARCH Files And Folders. Type in the name and hit search. Make a note of the location on your "C" DRIVE.
Reboot windows in to Safe Mode by hitting F8 during boot.
Now you should be able to go to the file (the location of which you made a note of) and right-click to delete it. Empty your recycle bin and reboot windows normally. Good Luck.

fanger pc doctor
January 2005

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