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Mend Computers, Virus Removal
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Mend Computers, Virus Removal

good add pop up remover?

google, adwcleaner, then click on adwbleepingcomputer. When it opens up click on Download now ATbleeping computer. Click on save file when it comes on screen. Then YES when it pops on screen again. The Adwcleaner should be open on your screen now. Click on SCAN it shoold take around 2-3 minutes, it depends. When its finished click on Cleaning NOT UNINSTALL.. After it cleans it will tell you to click OK a couple of times so it can reboot your computer. When it comes back online a LOG will appear telling you if it deleting files etc.

Gerry C
April 2015
Install Firefox or Chrome.
Open the configuration. (the "burger" button)
Sellect Manage adons and search for AdBlock.
Install AdBlock Plus.
Presto, you are browsing adds free.

To clean your computer, I prefer Ccleaner from Piriform. It's very effecient and very safe.

April 2015

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