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how do I get rid of omega-plus from my laptop?

david lincoln
March 2015
In the controll pannel, start rogramms and functionalities.
Look if you find omiga-plus. If present, uninstall it from there. In some cases, you may need to do that when logged in as administrator.

Think about switching to another browser. Chrome is OK, and Firefox is another great alternative. Performance wise, they are praticaly the same.

AdBlock Plus is available on both. Absolutely great addon that makes your surfing faster by not loading many ads and make your internet experience much more enjoyable.

Think about installint the NoScript addon. Great for blocking unwanted scripts. Available for both Chrome and Firefox.

Don't wory about trackers. Their only goal it to serv you with personalised advertisement. "Disconnect" is an useless thing for the paranoyd.

I recomend having two, maybe tree, anti-virus: One set to run all the time and the other(s) to be run manualy frome time to time.
3 anti-virus suggestions:
AVG free version from
Avira from
Avast from

Fact: NO anti-virus can ever hope to catch and remove all infestations, ever.

To get rid of other pests, you should use Spybot Search & Destroy. Available here:
Free for personal use.
It's a realy great utility to remove, and prevent infestation from, all sort of non-virus undesirable stuff.
Be sure to run the immunisation: It fools many maleware into "thinking" that they are already installed and running, or that your computer is not compatible.

To prevent future browser hyjackers and other junk in the future:
When installing ANYTHING. never ever choose the default option.
ALWAYS use the custom or personalised option.
ALWAYS decline ANY offers or recomended side installs, accessories and changes. None are needed.

April 2015
Consider putting Internet Explorer into retirement in favour of Google Chrome - but that's for later.

Consider either a free copy or better still buying MalwareBytes

Consider IObit Uninstaller to remove programmes (free)

Check out the Startup list of programmes that get pre-loaded at start time without your knowledge - right click in the Task Bar at the bottom of the screen - Select Task manager - Click on the Startup tab - deselect everything

Then follow this link and have a good read...

Malwarebytes is jolly good at keeping rubbish out of your machine. Highly recommended (by me)

Also useful but nothing to do with your question are....
ABP (adblockplus) stopped 205,880 pop-up ads on my m/c
Disconnest for Chrome - currently blocking 6 tracking sites here.
Both free.

Good luck...
March 2015


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