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Pilot light?

I have a Jaguar boiler and the pilot light is out due to a power cut. How do I re-light it?

Alicia Wright
January 2014
unless your boiler is over 30 years old it is extremely unlikely to contain a ''PILOT LIGHT''

most boilers that fail to light will flash some sort of FAULT CODE
this helps in pinpointing the cause of the problem

if the boiler appears to be completely ''DEAD'' i.e. NO DISPLAY at all & no sounds
i would first of all check the fused spur/circuit breaker to make sure it hasn't tripped
replace 3 amp fuse or reset MCB as necessary then try again
if boiler still ''DEAD'' then internal electrical fault on boiler
without more information its very difficult to help you

this self help site could be improved vastly if the people asking the questions could add a short video clip of the boiler & their attempts to ''relight it''

January 2014

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